Silicon Nitride – The Ideal Biomaterial

At SINTX, we are committed to advancing the availability of innovative medical device biomaterials. SINTX is the only FDA registered and ISO 13485 2016 certified silicon nitride medical device manufacturing facility in the world.

About Us

Our Vision

SINTX is passionate about leveraging our advanced biomaterial expertise to create innovative healthcare solutions that improve patient quality of life.

Silicon Nitride is Leading a Revolution in Interbody Fusion

Recent animal and in-vitro studies show silicon nitride outperforms PEEK and titanium material to achieve superior new bone growth and osseointegration while demonstrating antibacterial properties1,2,4 and providing excellent imaging attributes3.

The Story of Silicon Nitride

Learn about the unique origins of silicon nitride material and how this biomaterial is used today.

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OEM Strategy

By converting our partners’ metal or plastic devices to silicon nitride, we are creating a new standard biomaterial for use across a wide variety of medical and device applications.

Our Unique Commercial Strategy

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